I found a shopping frenzy at the Botkier sample sale.  What appeared to be the technique tonight was to grab the bags and decide later which one to buy.  This sale shows women still need their handbags even in this economic climate.  One woman was drooling over the black Margot handbag I was toting.  She said it was the perfect handbag – one she had been searching for a while.  I considered the bag for a few minutes thinking it would serve as a chic work bag.  In the end, I decided to give it to the shopper who wanted it more.  Who am I to deny her need? Large bags such as the Margot & James were $275-$295.  Medium sized bags cost between $195-$225.  The Kai shoulder at $200.  A Botkier paten-leather tote was priced at $95.

An employee told me that a truck was unloading more bags for tomorrow’s sale.  If you plan to head out there, go to the second floor where you’ll find bargains on one-of-a-kind samples.  There are shoes at the sale but don’t waste your time on those.  You’ll want to focus on the handbags.

Where: 172 Mercer St., at Houston St., Thurs noon-8; Fri 11-8; Sat 11-7; Sun 11-5

A fashion photographer, Monica Botkier, created the Botkier handbag line six years ago.  Frustrated with her quest to find the perfect handbag, Botkier designed one herself. The resulting “Boktier Trigger Bag” quickly become a “must have” for celebrities. Botkier has since added shoes to the line and also created a special limited-time accessory collection for Target Stores.

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