With plans to hit the beaches this summer, we checked out the Babajaan sample sale which goes through June 15th. The UK-based high-end label is known for it’s beachwear pieces. Think vacation essentials and perfect for poolside posing.

The sale is taking place at the Juju Showroom at 135 W. 20th Street  in Chelsea. There’s no indication/signs that the sale is taking place but walk right in and the friendly staffers will direct you to a corner of the airy space where the sale items can be found.

The selection is limited. What you see is what you get. But the price is right at just $75 for pieces that normally retail from $300-$800.

There’s one rack of swimwear and cover-ups as well as hand-made straw hats on a nearby shelf.

Upon inspection, we found more two-pieces than one-pieces. Available are a mix of styles from colorful and solid bikinis and one-pieces, some embroidered and embellished. They’re made in Italy. Mixed in are a few cover-ups. As for sizing, there’s more smalls but some mediums can be had.

The panama and wide-brimmed straw hats are also just $75.

No fitting room other than a storage area next to the bathroom.

I wouldn’t recommend going there out of your way.  But if you’re in the neighborhood, it’s worth checking out since the swimwear are stunning and great quality.

Important Note: They’re open on Weekdays ONLY!

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