Araks – known for its luxe lingerie (made of silk and cotton, architectural color-blocking) is hosting a two-day sample sale at its showroom near Chinatown.

We checked out the offerings this morning. We were primarily interested in the label’s swimwear so we headed straight for those bins. This season, there was lots to be had and at attractive pricing starting at $40 for one-pieces and $50 (tops or bottoms) and go up to $100.

After picking up a Harley one-piece ($40, originally $285), we checked out the lingerie which were organized by style and sizes in bins. But it was tough for staffers to keep things in order as shoppers continually rummaged through the offerings.

Pricing for lingerie depended on styles and ranged from $10-$40 (orig. $45-$125).

We spotted the following styles: Bralettes include Antonia, Claire, Ilona, Beatrice, Olga, Yanelis and more. Panties: Aron, Isabella, Liselott, Mabel and more.

Also on offer were PJs which ranged in price from $40 and $60 (retails for $250-$300).

There is a communal dressing room. You’ll need to check in your bag when you go inside.

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