The Araks seasonal sample sale is taking place this week at its showroom on Grand Street near Chinatown. The sale started on Thursday and ends today (May 10th).

We stopped in yesterday to find some great deals! We try to make it to this sale for the chic lingerie – pieces that are delicate and lovely made from luxurious Italian fabrics. But, lately, we’re loving the swimwear!

This season’s sale offers plenty of merchandise at a pretty good price-point. Highlights include one-piece swimwear at $40 (Harley & Harlow styles), bras are just $25 (retails for around $100), panties at $15 (retails for $50+), camisoles are $30.

In addition, there are Pajamas (silk and Liberty print cotton) – tops are $65 and bottoms $35.

Most of the items are in bins and organized by size. There’s a communal changing area in one corner. If you can’t find something or have questions, there are plenty of sales staff to help!

Doors close today at 8pm.