The Araks sample sale is taking place just today at the NYC label’s showroom near Chinatown. Take the elevator to the 5th Floor where you’ll find the small airy space.  You’ll need to check in your bag before you can shop.

We’re big fans of the brand’s lingerie, specifically the color-combos and design details. At this sale, there was lots of the sought-after lingerie as well as swimwear and what looks like PJs leftover from past sales.

Staffers have done a great job of organizing the pieces, probably since they have much more styles on hand.

Much of the lingerie are separated in bins by size. Each bin is labeled with the style names of the pieces which are inside plastic bags with the size marked on it. In the front of the small airy space are the bargain bins ($5, $10, $20 and $25).

Hanging on a rack are examples of the braletts, undies, camisoles, PJs and swimwear.

Swimwear tops and bottoms are in bins organized by size. The only one-pieces ($100-$120) available are the ones hanging on the racks.

We took a photo of the printed pricelist to give you an idea of the markdowns.

Sale ends today at 7pm. Click here to our Calendar Page for location/date/time details of this and other sales taking place in the area.