Dolce & Gabbana is hosting a sample sale at the Metropolitan Pavilion through this Sunday (March 14).  On offer are cocktail dresses, jackets, tailored pants, handbags, shoes and more for 60 to 90 percent off the original retail price.  There’s clothing and accessories for men, women and children from the 2009 collection and past seasons.  The older the merchandise the better the discount.  Here’s how it works:  2009 = 60% off, 2008 = 70% off, 2007 = 80% off, and 2006 = 90% off. The season is marked on the tags.  I found mostly items from 2009, a few from 2008 and even fewer from 2007.  That means, most of the goods are going for 60 percent off.  Not that great of a discount considering the original price.

Let’s start with the handbags, there was plenty on offer Thursday afternoon in a variety of styles and colors. I spotted several nice medium and large leather bags tagged between $350 to $500.  As for footwear, the shoes are actual samples, which means all women’s shoes are size 39 and men’s are size 44 (translates to a U.S. size 11).  A sales person said that there were a few other sizes mixed in.  But I only saw size 39. Prices for those start at $250.  Now onto the clothing, Dolce & Gabbana blouses are around $400, dresses are going for $1,000 and up.  Men’s suits around $1,000 and up.  The selection of lingerie on offer in the back was pretty much picked over.

Where/When: Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 West 18th Street, 4th Fl.  Thru March 14th, Fri and Sat (9-7p), Sun (9-6p).