Tomorrow (Thursday) is the last day of the Alexander McQueen sample sale. No word on whether they’re offering further discounts. Larry Label Whore checked out the sale this week and gives us his take:

“Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite designers so I jumped at the chance to go to the sample sale on the first day. I first stopped by at noon, but the line stretched all the way to almost sixth avenue. There was no way I was going to wait on that line so I decided to come back later when it died down. I came back at 4pm when there was no line and no wait so I went right in.

I won’t go into pricing details because Mushkie had already posted the details earlier this week, but the clothes were definitely higher priced than in previous years. Even still, there were some great deals.

The womens section offered lots of merchandise, including shoes, clothes, and gowns. I went through the accessories section where I saw some Britannia clutches and skull knuckle clutches. I, however, didn’t see any De Manta or Heroine bags, but that could be because I wasn’t particularly looking for them. There were a good number of belts, scarves, and iPad/iPhone cases as well as jewelry. To my surprise, the skull enamel bracelets were made in China!! Beware if you’re picking up some pieces to check where they’re made (Yes! I’m a snob on this one).

Now to men’s offerings which was much less. Either they didn’t have as much as the women in the first place or they were already ransacked. Very little amount of shoes left, but you’re in luck if you’re 8 and less and 11 and more. I saw one pair of dress shoes in my size – size 10 – that I snatched for $150. That was the last pair of shoes in size 10. Lots of blazers left and some shirts and sweaters. Very picked over and sparse and at $150 for shirts definitely not worth it (sweaters were ugly anyway, but buttoned down shirts were not bad). They had lots of ties with some skulls on them as well as zip-around wallets. Very few belts for men mixed with the women’s belts. I was told there were some men’s bags earlier, but there was only one small zip bag for $350 that wasn’t worth it at all.

In my opinion, the sale is definitely worth it for women especially if they lower prices on the last day. Lots of stuff still left, especially shoes. Not worth it for men at all because there was practically nothing left. I heard they won’t be restocking, but sometimes they put back stuff that the employees set aside for themselves that they don’t want anymore. Happy Shopping!” -Larry Label Whore

Where/When: 123 West 18th Street (b/w 6th & 7th Aves). Nov 10-12; Tues (10am-7pm), Wed (9am-6:30pm), Thurs (9am-5pm).