exterior shot of sale sign

Christina checked out the Hudson Jeans sample sale yesterday afternoon. For her, it was a calm shopping experience something she needed after the chaos at Tibi.

“I was literally the only one there aside from the staff. I have never been to a sample sale so dead, but it was a nice surprise after the crazy Tibi sale earlier this week. The staff were very nice, although they didn’t appear to be very knowledgeable about the stock. I asked about a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans that I saw in another review and the sales girl had no idea what I was talking about. I’m assuming they sold out of the style, because I didn’t see any at the sale.

In terms of the stock, there are denim pants, jackets, and shorts for up to 80% off. The pricing starts at $40 for shorts and caps at $90 for some of the more expensive men’s jeans.

While women’s denim makes up more than half of the sale, there is still a large selection of men’s denim. Most of the men’s jeans are $70, with the Sartor being $90. You can find Byron straight-legged pants and Ace ankle straight legged pants. In addition to the pants available, there are also men’s denim jackets for $60. The men’s sizing ranges from 28 to 42.

Most of the women’s jeans are priced at $60, with the Tamara and Nico styles being $75. The Barcara crops were my favorite, and I almost bought them, but they were too long on me and I decided I didn’t want to pay for tailoring. In addition to the more classic styles, there are also palm-tree photo printed Nick skinny jeans for $75 and pastel jeans for $60. The women’s sizing ranges from 23 to 32.

There aren’t many women’s shorts left, but all are $40. I scored a pair of dark wash cut offs, which are super soft. Most of the shorts are blue denim, but there are a few colored shorts as well.

There’s a makeshift fitting room in the back of the space, which is pretty small if it gets crowded. Also, you have to check your bag when you walk in so hold on to your phone and wallet. I have found that it is best to be wearing something with pockets so you don’t have to worry about holding your phone and wallet the entire time.” – Christina of Lusting for Leather

Where/When: 225 Fifth Ave between W. 26th and W. 27th Sts; Tuesday, May 20 through Sunday, May 25. Tues 10am—8pm, Wed—Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 11am—7pm, Sun 11am—4pm.

close up of rack of jeans, pricing

jeans folded on a table

more denim displayed on table, size 27

more interior shots, rack of denim shorts

selection of denim folded on table