The Alice + Olivia sample sale opened to the public today at Noon at 260 Fifth Avenue and goes through this Sunday, June 16th. One of our contributors, Christina, checked out the preview this morning. Here’s her report:

“The VIP portion of the sample sale started at 8:00 a.m. this morning. I was in a massive line by 8:10; however, I was actually inside fairly quickly. I was advised to bring the VIP flyer with me, but no one asked for it and I heard most people say they knew of the sale from Chicmi. So basically, if you heard about the VIP time or happened to pass by in the morning, you could get in. Honestly, would have been better to wait until some of the chaos died down.

The sale is well-organized, as always, with smaller sizes to the left of the entrance and larger sizes to the right. Long gowns are in the back of the space, along with a small section of sample clothing. All the stock appeared to be in perfect condition. Unfortunately, it was so insane inside that I didn’t get to look at any of the samples.

There is a large communal fitting room in the back of the space, with two mirrors. The line for the fitting room was nearly as long as the one to enter, so plan your day accordingly.

Most of the clothing consists of bold, bright colors and patterns (the brand’s signature look). While a lot of the clothing is loud and super fun, there are also more subtle florals and solids as well. I, personally, love all the fun prints, but there is really something for everyone and there is a TON of stock. It is honestly a bit overwhelming though, and still expensive, so I think it may be better to wait until the end of the sale for reduced prices.

In addition to the clothing, near the checkout there are a few tables of fun accessories, such as sunglasses, clutches, totes, and hair accessories. This is where the best bargains seem to be. I snagged one of the few Candice Stace Face Long Wallets for only $69 (currently $225 online).

Be very careful about pricing though. As I mentioned above, the clothing is still pricey. I usually google items before I buy, but I was so rushed before work today that I bought without doing that and the two clothing items I bought are currently cheaper online!

I bought the Lilia asymmetrical pleated blue skirt for $199, but it is only $179 on the A&O website. That is particularly annoying since, it is the brand’s actual website. I also bought the Nanette mock wrap skirt for $149 (currently $132 on the Neiman Marcus website, but still $158 on the A&O website at least).

So basically, be careful about what you buy, as it is all beautiful, but it may be cheaper elsewhere. For a sample sale, the pricing is still very high. I recommend waiting until the end of the week for an additional 25% off (typically reduced at these sales), unless you want to snag some of the few accessories.” – Christina