The French label, agnès b, is hosting a sample sale at its offices in Midtown.

The space is small but they managed to organize the pieces in an orderly fashion. Women’s merchandise is on one side and men’s stuff on the other. The footwear are on display at the bottom of the racks.

We spotted plenty of fall items, including coats, wool skirts, pants, tops and a few dresses. Sizing is spotty, depending on the style. Shoppers will need to rummage to find their size. Shoe sizing is also limited.

Men’s gear included a random selection of coats/jackets, pants, sweaters and shirts.

While we didn’t see anything worth taking home, others may be more lucky.

There’s no dressing room. Instead, they were using bathrooms in the hallway.

Pricing ranges from $30 (tees) to $200 (coats). Leather pieces were either $300 or $600.

Sale ends tomorrow, November 9th.

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