A steady stream of shoppers stopped by the Twinkle sale today after work.  According to an employee, the sale hasn’t been too busy – some takers at lunch time and after work.  Prices are more expensive than their last sale.  But this time it’s a bit more organized. Silk dresses were $78-$179.  Silk tops, skirts and pants were just over $100.  There’s limited amounts of jersey and knits ($40-$125).  There was a smattering of lower priced items.  I got a silk dress dotted with multi-colored squares for $45 – perfect for the summer.  Majority of sizes were 2s – limited selection in 0, 4, 6, 8, 10. There might be better deals tomorrow.  They appeared to be cutting prices at the end of the day.



Where: 545 Eighth Ave., nr. 37th St., seventeenth fl.; Th 11-8p, F 10-6p.


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