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Fellow blogger, Christina, checked out the Tibi sample sale being held in Soho. She describes a first day filled with a crush of shoppers and crazy waits for the dressing room.

“I arrived at the Tibi sample sale around 4 p.m. yesterday and was thrilled to find no line to get in! (There was a line when I left though.) My excitement did not last long as the space was boiling and packed with shoppers. The line for the fitting rooms was absolutely absurd. It was at least 20 people long and I swear it did not move at all for at least 20 minutes. I think I waited over 30 minutes before getting in.

While the sales girls were very sweet, they did not move the line along at all. There was no limit to how many items you could bring into the fitting room so people were walking in with massive stacks. I don’t know what was going on yesterday, but I saw tons of high school girls in the fitting room who kept leaving to get more items and bring them back to try on. I’ve never seen this allowed at sample sales before, so I was pretty shocked. One girl was there so long that she actually had her phone charging in the wall and answered it a few times to chat. It was maddening! The one good thing about the fitting room is that the sales girls were trying to limit the amount of people back there so that each person had their own mirror.

As for the clothing, I noticed repeats from Tibi’s last sample sale and also saw items from the Spring and Summer collections. There are a lot of dresses at the sale, as well as pants, skirts, tanks, sweaters, and blazers. There are boxes of samples towards the back of the space. Unfortunately, they were pretty picked over when I went, but I heard they will be restocking. If you can make it first thing in the morning, I would go then. I think it would be less crowded and have the best selection of samples for the day.

There is a large selection of shoes, including heels, flats, sandals, and Chelsea boots. I heard people saying that a lot of sizes were running out, but it was too chaotic for me to check.

I was unable to get a clear photo of the price lists. Here’s an example of pricing:

Cocktail Dresses, Coats/Jackets, Leather: $150; Day Dresses: $100; Tops, Knits/Sweaters, Pants, Skirts: $75; Shorts: $50; Strappy Heels: $125; Flats: $75; Yellow Tagged Items: $15; Orange Tagged Items: $25; Green Tagged Items: as marked; Samples: $25.

All in all, there are some great items at the sale (although you may not get lucky with actual samples). Still, I walked away with a few dresses, a top, and a skirt. While only one of my items was an actual sample, I still think that $100 for a nice work dress isn’t that bad…especially considering they are nearly $400 in store. Just know that you need to devote some serious time to this sale. There were moments when I nearly walked out, so be prepared going in that it isn’t the most pleasant experience. – Christina of Lusting for Leather

Where/When: 57 Greene St New York, NY 10012. Tuesday, May 20th 12pm-8pm ; Wednesday, May 21st 9am-8Pm; Thursday, May 22nd 9am-5pm.

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