The Chloé sample sale opens to the public on Wednesday (Nov 7th) in Soho. A couple of our writers (Thanks, Deme and Eva!) attended Tuesday’s preview and gives us their take.

No pictures were allowed but we do have feedback from the sale.

The discount is 70% off most items, including accessories, shoes, jewelry. Ready-to-wear is 80% off retail. Actual samples (shoes and clothing) is $100.

Here’s one report:

“A lot of the same merchandise as last year, especially in the blouse section.  Mostly summer clothing with a handful of sweater and jacket racks.  A rack of very 70s retro leather pieces but they are mostly $4,000 so $800 with the discount.  Tons of beautiful flowy Florence and the Machine looking dresses.  A quarter of the floor is dedicated to See by Chloe clothing.

Shoes:  A decent selection of shoe options in the basement.  Some styles have stacks of shoes while other styles like the classic Lauren style only has one pair available for each color.  A lot of beautiful boot options for winter.

Bags:  Large Marcie bags (about 5 in diff colors); Plethora of Faye bags; Tons of See by Chloe bags and wallets”

Here’s another report:

“There was a lot of the same items that were there the last time. Unsold. Prices were higher and I didn’t think anything was worth buying at those prices, even at 80% off – T-shirts were $60 and cheapest skirts at $120. Flats are about $150.

There was nothing I saw that I would have wanted.”

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