The Phillip Lim sample sale gets underway today (Tuesday) in Soho. This sale always draws a crowd so expect to find long lines outside, at least during the first few days.

We popped into the preview. There’s plenty of apparel for women which are organized on racks in the main space. Men’s pieces can be found along one wall. We’ve always found Lim’s clothing to be fun and unique where you may find lovely surprises added to the design. Shoppers will find plenty of that this season. Prices are posted on the sale walls – tees are $50; tops $120 & $150; dresses are $175, $350 and $450. Check the pricelists in the gallery for more details.

Handbags are on shelves along the wall. We spotted a variety of styles from the signature Pashli satchel (large $300, mediums $250 and minis $200), a few Soliels ($200), some 31 Hour bags ($200), a couple of backpacks ($250). Selection included basic colors and some novelty hues.

Shoes are downstairs and are a great deal for $100. Only problem is limited sizing. Most women’s shoes are size 37.

The few wallets they have are near the register and are priced at $75.

There’s usually a communal dressing room at this location but it wasn’t open during the preview.

Sale ends on Sunday. I’m told they will be restocking. Click here to our Calendar Page for location/date/time details to this and other sales in New York City.