The Zadig & Voltaire warehouse sale which started last week has been extended through this Sunday, Jan 28th.

There’s still plenty of merchandise so this makes sense during the off season.

We stopped in last night and found pretty much the same merchandise as we spotted when we checked out the sale last Monday. The difference this week is they’ve reduced pricing (80% off) for what we noticed were novelty pieces (tops, sweaters, jackets and leather).

Most of the items are stock with a mix of sizes. In the back is a rack of Spring/Summer 2018 Collection samples at 50-70% off.

Handbags are still at 60% off and the selection has thinned out as with the footwear.

If you’re hoping for even further discounts, try stopping by the weekend when they might drop prices.

Where/When: 153 Mercer Street (b/w Houston & Prince). Through Jan 28th Daily (11am-7pm).