With the Memorial Day Holiday comes sale offers… Larry Label Whore went on a shopping trip to Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets with his parents and he has the low-down:

“We went on a Friday because all of the deals start then and we didn’t want to deal with the weekend rush of people. If you spend a good amount of time there you’ll definitely find some great deals.

I found that most of the stores are doing a “buy more, save more” deal for the weekend. Some examples include: Burberry’s deals are 20% off of $500 or more, 25% off of $750 or more, and 30% off of $1000 or more. Ferragamo has 10% off of $1000 or more and 15% off of $1500 or more. Coach is 70% off your purchase plus an extra 10% off if you spend $500 or more. These store associates whom I asked didn’t know if these sales would just be for the holiday weekend or would go on for longer than that.

There were definitely some steals in certain stores. Armani has a 90% off retail rack with suits, shirts, pants, and sweaters. I found a great pair of Made in Italy shoes there for $79 from $725. For any Hunter fans, they were have a little sample sale in front of their store for a major discount on their rain boots for men and women. Depending on the height of the boot they were $35-$50 each. I bought an amazing pair of long black rain boots with shearling on the inside for $50!! I was able to return my poorly made Hunter for Target boots when I got home. The most packed place was probably Coach. They had steals of leather wallets and card cases down to under $30 after the discounts. I almost got a beautiful leather tote bag for $150 from $500, but I decided not to.

My mother found great deals at MaxMara which included 80-90% off coats all the way up to $2,300 in retail down to less than $500. She also scored a wool/cashmere scarf at Escada for $23 from the outlet price of $150. At Escada they had 70-80% off plus an extra 25% off your purchase.

If you are looking for something to do for the holiday weekend and you’re a shopper, definitely check out Woodbury Commons. There are buses that go straight there from New York City. Happy Shopping! -Larry Label Whore