The Wolford sample sale on Tuesday evening was teaming with shoppers looking for deals.

The brand’s tights are highly sought after for its long legs, which means they last. The retail price tends to be too much for the budget-minded shopper. Here they’re just $18.  However, when we checked out the offerings, the selection of tights and stockings were already picked through. Just one bin of size small, six bins of XS, two mediums, three large bins and  three XL. Not sure what was available on the first day but today, there weren’t any plain black or lighter shades of neutral left.

There were bins of socks as well but the only selection were pink or yellow. When we asked a staffer about restocking, she wasn’t sure. Apparently, it depends on the brand and whether they will ship them more merchandise before the end of the sale on Sunday. Let’s hope they do send more!

There’s a random selection of ready-to-wear from bodysuits ($75), tops ($55-$95), leggings which we didn’t spot any neutrals or black for $60 and other pieces.

In the back, there are two racks of “bargains” as marked items. But the selection was not too enticing. The bras ($55) can be found in the very back of the space

Pricing can be found in the gallery below. There is a communal dressing room. Click here to our Calendar Page for location/date/time details.