The White + Warren sample sale got off to a busy start this morning… Before they opened the doors at 8am, a line had formed going down West 40th Street across Bryant Park. By 9:30am, the showroom had pretty much cleared.

The discount is at up to 80-percent off the retail price. Cashmere basics at $85 and up, cotton sweaters at $40 and up and novelty tees at $20 and up… Plus, there was still tons of merchandise in the sample sale room where all cotton pieces are $25 and cashmere is $35.  Check back! I’ll have a full report later today.

Where/When: 80 W. 40th St., nr. Sixth Ave., third fl. April 19 to 20; Thurs (8–7p), Fri (8–2p). Cash & Credit Card Accepted.