Kudos to the tipster who informed me about the Paul Smith friends & family sale!  After work, I decided to try my luck and see if I can get into the sale.  I arrived to find no line.  I told the woman holding the clipboard in the lobby that I wasn’t on the list and she said “that’s all right, go right on in.”  She was so nice.

Inside was pretty subdued.  There were a few people looking at racks, many of them were clearly friends of the sales associates.  I’m not sure about how the “list” was compiled.  As for what was up for grabs… women’s merchandise included Black Label jackets and outerwear going for $150; shirts, skirts, knits, and trousers were $50; dresses were $75 and tees at $20. Blue Label suits were $250 and jackets $175.  As for men, suits are $300, sportcoats $175, trousers, shirts and knits are $50, casual jackets are $75 and jeans from $40 to $50.  The garments on sale are past season and samples.  Sizes were spotty; for women size 40 and 42 were in abundance, some 46.  I did spot a few smaller sizes, such as 38 in skirts, trousers and jackets.  A majority of knits came in medium and large. For men, shirts and knits came in a range of sizes (S, M, L and XL).  Now on to footwear, there were dress shoes ($80) and sneakers ($40) for men – mostly in size 8.  And the women’s shoe selection was spotty – odd styles and colors (pumps, sling-backs and sandals) in size 39 and 40.

There were some gems, but you had to spend time looking.  I ended up getting a summer weight cotton blazer for $75, an autumn skirt with flowers for $50 and a light blue lightweight button-down shirt for the Little Mister for $50.  If you’re a fan of Paul Smith, you should try your luck…

Where/When:  142 Greene Street (next to the Paul Smith Store), between W. Houston and Prince Sts., 2nd Floor.  Thru Saturday April 10th.  Friday (Noon to 8pm) and Saturday (Noon to 2pm).

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