The Italian fashion house, Versace, is offering deals at its sample sale in Soho at 150 Greene Street this week. The sale opens to the public today (April 11th). One of our contributors, Larry Label Whore attended last night’s preview and has our report:

“I’ve been in a Versace state of mind recently with the airing of the amazing miniseries “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” so I couldn’t wait to attend the VIP preview for this year’s Versace sample sale. Past years sales the discount had been up to 85% off retail so I was curious as to the selection and discount for this year.

As I walked into the room I noticed racks lined up of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear. They included Versace’s main line, Versus, Versace Collection, and Versace Jeans. One the right side were sunglasses for $125, which were way up from the $65 each for the last sale. Next to the sunglasses were small leather accessories and jewelry with the discount depending on the brand. The discount for the clothes went from 65% off up to 80% off retail also depending on the brand (a pic of all of the pricing is below in the photo gallery). I didn’t spot anything too exciting, but I ended up buying a Versace polo for $110 from $550 and a Versus sweater for $104 from $345 – both made in Italy. Both women’s and men’s included jackets, leather, shirts, pants, tees, sweaters, and gowns for women.

In the back was a small table for bags and backpacks. Prices were all over the place and included totes, clutches, and purses with silver or gold medusas on them. Next to the bags were accessories that included Versace scarves at 80% off, men’s underwear, and ties. Also next to that table was an array of Versace dinnerware (plates, bowls, etc…) for 55% off retail.

I headed downstairs where there was an okay selection of shoes and sneakers. Some styles are currently in the stores right now, but the sizes that the sale had were very limited. Again, the discount depended on the brand, but the lowest price I saw was $150 after the discount, which is not bad for shoes originally $750 and above.

I had a nice time looking through the items, but the selection for the women’s ready-to-wear was definitely much more than the men’s. The associates wouldn’t say if there would be restocking, but I kept on seeing new items put on the tables while I was there. Like with most “sample” sales nowadays it seemed like it was more of an overstock sale than a sample sale. One caveat is there are no changing rooms or mirrors so you will have to change in corners and not be able to see how you look in the clothes. Other than that, I find the sale worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of Versace. Happy Shopping!” -Larry Label Whore


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