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Theory, Theyskens Theory Sample Sale

The Theory, Theyskens Theory sample sale is taking place this week in the Garment District. Christina wandered into the Clothingline space yesterday and tells us what she found: "I stopped by the Theory sample sale about an hour after it opened, but was surprised to find no line to get in. Don't let that fool you though, the line for the communal dressing room was [...]

Prices Slashed at Theory & Helmut Lang Sample Sale

The Theory & Helmut Lang sample sale being held at Clothingline in the Garment District is now offering an additional 30% off the sale price. Even with the further reductions, fellow blogger, Christina, tells us the sale is not worth a special trip. She stopped into the sale yesterday afternoon. She reports being disappointed by the selection, primarily[...]

Clothingline Theory Sample Sale

One of our tipsters (thanks, C!) stopped into Clothingline in the Garment District to see what was left at the Theory/Theyskens' Theory sample sale. She tells us that there's a lot of merchandise left. Despite the overstock, sale organizers haven't slashed prices yet. But, expect price reductions to happen over the weekend. If you're looking for a coat, our ti[...]

NYC Sample Sales – Aloha Rag, Theory, Louboutin, etc…

We’re a bit late getting out our sales roundup for New York City… Take a look at the list below of a few notable ones taking place this week: Let’s start with the Aloha Rag semi-annual sample sale which kicks off this Thursday.  Shoppers can get up to 85% off new & old stock from current and previous seasons as well as samples from the AR’s house brand.  Wh[...]

SALE ALERT - Theory & Theyskens' Theory Sample Sale

A glimpse at some of the merchandise at the Theory and Theyskens' Theory sample sale before doors open to the public on Tuesday morning.  Shoppers will save up to 60% off retail on pieces from the women’s collection. Monday night, organizers emailed us photos of the sale space inside Chelsea Market. As you can see, there’s racks and racks of merchandise.  Pricing[...]

Prices Slashed at Clothingline's Theory Sample Sale

The Theory women’s sample sale at Clothingline has been extended through today (Monday) and prices are further reduced. Now you can take an additional 30% off the sale price.  We stopped by last week to check out the offerings. While this is being called a sample sale, most of the merchandise was stock in a full range of sizing. Besides Theory, there was a select[...]

Theory & Helmut Lang: Samples, Irregulars & Damaged Goods

Don't expect to find much, if any, merchandise from the recent Theyskens Theory & Helmut Lang sample sale in Soho at this week's Clothingline sale.  This one located in the Garment District offers mostly overstock and samples from past seasons, including what they're calling "irregular" merchandise. Plus, quite a few damaged goods. Yesterday evening, the spac[...]

Theyskens' Thoery & Helmut Lang: No Further Price Slashing

Today is slated as the last day of the Theyskens' Theory and Helmut Lang sale. Earlier in the week, deals were at up to 70% off the latest spring/summer styles. I stopped in this afternoon to see if they were offering further discounts... Nope. No additional discounts. Plus, I was told that the sale ends today. Prices are the same. Theyskens Theory dresses at $[...]

Century 21:  Spring Merchandise, A Look at Shoes

With spring in full swing, I stopped into Century 21's downtown store to check out their footwear offerings... Recently, I haven't been impressed with the store's selection (I've been really disappointed with the merchandise).   But, I thought, what the heck.  Let's see what we can find. Surprisingly, they had what appeared to be a pretty good selection of shoes.[...]

Fashion Girls For Japan Sample Sale

There's a few good sales taking place this week... one of them is being held this weekend at the Bowery Hotel by Fashion Girls for Japan.  Last year, the group organized their first sale to help the victims of Japan's tsunami disaster.  This time, the proceeds will once again go to those relief efforts. The sale brings together a long list of designers (more th[...]