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Theory Men Sample Sale – Mostly 65% off Retail

Fashionable Femme Jen spent yesterday searching for gifts. One of the places she stopped into was Chelsea Market where the Theory for Men sample sale is going on through the weekend. Here’s what she found: “My honey's birthday is coming up and I pop into the Theory Men's sample sale at Chelsea Market in search of something special to add to the pile of presents. [...]

Clothingline Theory Sample Sale

One of our tipsters (thanks, C!) stopped into Clothingline in the Garment District to see what was left at the Theory/Theyskens' Theory sample sale. She tells us that there's a lot of merchandise left. Despite the overstock, sale organizers haven't slashed prices yet. But, expect price reductions to happen over the weekend. If you're looking for a coat, our ti[...]

Tipster Reviews – Dueling Theory Sample Sales; Clothingline & Chelsea Market

This week, there are two Theory and Theyskens' Theory sample sale taking place at different locations. As we mentioned before, one at Chelsea Market and the other at Clothingline in the Garment District.  We have reviews of each sale from two of our readers… Let’s start with the sale taking place at Clothingline, which kicked off today.  Our tipster (Christina) h[...]

SALE ALERT - Theory & Theyskens' Theory Sample Sale

A glimpse at some of the merchandise at the Theory and Theyskens' Theory sample sale before doors open to the public on Tuesday morning.  Shoppers will save up to 60% off retail on pieces from the women’s collection. Monday night, organizers emailed us photos of the sale space inside Chelsea Market. As you can see, there’s racks and racks of merchandise.  Pricing[...]

Theory & Helmut Lang: Samples, Irregulars & Damaged Goods

Don't expect to find much, if any, merchandise from the recent Theyskens Theory & Helmut Lang sample sale in Soho at this week's Clothingline sale.  This one located in the Garment District offers mostly overstock and samples from past seasons, including what they're calling "irregular" merchandise. Plus, quite a few damaged goods. Yesterday evening, the spac[...]

Sale Update: Theory, Theyskens Theory, Helmut Lang…

  I made a quick stop into the Theory sale in Soho on Wednesday… the discount is still at 70-percent off and there was a lot of merchandise left.  A new shipment of goods just arrived when we got there.  Staffers were taking the boxes into the back room so they could replenish the sales floor. There were lots of Theory basics (knits, sweaters, pants and blazers)[...]

Theory, Theyskens Theory & Helmut Lang:  Lots of merch at 70% off

The large space on Mercer Street in Soho was fairly calm this morning as Theory's public sale got underway.  It was a breeze getting in. No line and no coat or bag check. Lots of merchandise (clothing, shoes and bags at 70-percent off retail) from the main Theory line, Theyskens’ Theory as well as Helmut Lang.  While this is a sale on women’s stuff, I did spot a [...]