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Sandro Sample Sale Thins Out

The Sandro sample sale opened to the public on Tuesday... already the accessories have been snapped up. Handbags apparently went on the first day. No jewelry. Hats & scarves are now gone. What's available? A number of wool/cashmere blend dresses, skirts, tops and sweaters as well as random pants, denim and lame cocktail dresses. Also available were rabbit fur c[...]


The Parisian brand, Sandro, opened its sample sale to the public today in New York City as well as in Los Angeles. We have yet to check out the sale event at 150 Greene Street in Soho. We hope to do that later this week.  In the meantime, for those readers on the West Coast, we have a brief report from a contributor there (thanks, Sheri!) who checked out last night's [...]

Additional Reductions at Sandro Sample Sale

It's the final days of the sample sale for chic Parisienne label, Sandro. Sabrina who's a big fan checked out the merch on Friday and gives us her take: "Sandro is a brand I absolutely adore. So, I figured that there would be a couple pieces at their sample sale that I'd be excited about. Little did I know I'd want nearly everything there! There is so much merch[...]

Additional Discounts Sandro & Maje Sample Sale

Instead of hosting their sale on different dates, this season, sister brands Maje and Sandro are having their sales together. We checked out the deals today when they started further discounts. Mushkie has our report: "Already on opening night it was clear that there was a smaller selection. Today, markdowns began so I decided to take a look this afternoon. Appa[...]

What You'll Find at Upcoming SANDRO Sample Sale

Sandro Paris will be bringing back deals on its Left Bank chic pieces at a sample sale at 260 Fifth Avenue in October. In our inbox today, we received details - pricing and photos. Expect to find close to 75% off retail on past season merchandise. CLOTHING Mens Shirt - $65 (Retail $270) Mens Coat - $195 (Retail $695) Mens Blazer - $175 (Retail $685) Wom[...]

Additional Discounts at Sandro Sample Sale

Further reductions were announced this morning at the Sandro sample sale in NoMad. Mushkie checked out the new deals. "It was a pleasure to shop this sale today. Maybe because I'm still recovering from the chaos at the Marc Jacobs sale. I expected it to be crowded because I went during lunch hour, but it was very calm. Markdowns have arrived but the stock is dim[...]

Leather & Basic Finds at Sandro Sample Sale

A week after the samples sale for sister brand Maje, Sandro's sale begins today at 260 Fifth Ave. We checked out the preview last night and found a sizable selection from spring dresses to parka coats. All the merchandise are from past production with no true samples. The racks are organized by categories, with men on the left and women on the right. The is a women on[...]