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Rent-the-Runway Sample Sale; Dresses, Dresses & More

Just in the for the Holidays or if you're looking to update your fall wardrobe… You may want to check out the Rent-the-Runway sample sale, which is taking place this week through Sunday, September 16th at 260 Fifth Avenue. The sale started at 11am today. One of our readers (thanks, Eva!) checked out the sale this morning. She sent photos and gives us a short report: [...]

Rent-the-Runway Sample Sale; Special Occasions or Everyday

Rent-the-Runway - the place where you can rent thousands of designer dresses, gowns, handbags, accessories, and more is hosting a sample sale at 260 Fifth Avenue through April 15th. One of our contributors, Sabrina checked out the sale earlier this week and has our report: "There's a wide selection of clothing and sizing available for all types of dresses (short, l[...]

Rent-The-Runway Sample Sale in Los Angeles

In the past year, the sample sale scene has been heating up on the West Coast. Since we have fellow shoppers there, we thought we'd sprinkle this blog with a few sale reports from there.  This first one is about Rent-the-Runway, which is holding it’s first ever sample sale in Los Angeles. Our L-A correspondent, Sheri, has our review: “The line to get into the event[...]

Rent the Runway Sample Sale

The Rent the Runway Sample Sale got underway yesterday. If you're looking for a party frock and don't mind that the dress has been worn before (some more than others), this sale may have what you need. Christina stopped in last night and gives us her review. "There was a line about 15-20 people deep, but nothing too bad. I got in after a few minutes. Inside was a m[...]

Rent the Runway Sample Sale – Designer Gowns & Cocktail Dresses

  The after-work crowd gathered and formed a short line outside 260 Fifth Avenue where the Rent the Runway sample sale was being held. The space was pretty busy Tuesday night with plenty of women rummaging through the racks looking for just the right dress.  There were lots of gowns and cocktail frocks to be had in a range of sizes.  If you're in a rush like I was[...]

We got word this morning that the folks at 260 Fifth Avenue are now offering further reductions on all merchandise at the Rent the Runway sample sale.  This may be good news for those of you complaining that the sale prices were not so great on the gently used dresses & accessories being offered at this sale.  Starting today, you’ll get an additional 25% off o[...]

A Close Look at the Rent the Runway Sale

The Rent the Runway sample sale is well underway at 260 Fifth Avenue.  The sale itself has gotten mixed reviews from our readers who complained about the clothing being damaged and pricing… Artsy Anna took a look this morning. Here’s her report: The Rent the Runway Sale near the Flatiron has "gently used" retired dresses from their rental website that you can own[...]