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Handfuls of Handbags at the Kooba Sample Sale

Through Thursday, the hip handbag label, Kooba, is hosting a sample sale that gives up to 60 percent off retail on a slew of bags.  Last night, there was a wide selection of large and medium (totes, shoulder and satchels), a few clutches and small handbags up for grabs.  There were also samples (very picked over) that ranged in price from $40 to $160.  While there were still a few sample bags left, most of the offerings were so-so and some of them were damaged (broken straps, rips, etc.).

Stick to the main room where the bags are well organized in boxes with printed photos of the price on the walls or taped to the box.  Many of the larger bags are around $245 (Olive, Millie, Cori, Jayden, Drew and more).  I also spotted the Jordan for $295.  Clutches start at $80.  Cross-body’s are ranging from $150 for the Sam and $175 for the Greta.  If you plan to check out the sale on your lunch hour, note that the showroom will be closed from 2 to 3pm.  Sale ends tomorrow.

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Last Call for Clothingline

Clothingline is closing its doors for the month of August.  Before doing that, the Garment district’s often criticized sample sale spot is having one final sale before going on hiatus.  On offer is a mixed bag of merchandise.

I thought some of the Milly items (actual samples) were worth it – feminine pieces and classic silhouettes.  I spotted some signature Milly – Palm Beach palette in great fabrics and prints.  The items are a steal:  tops, skirts and pants at $39, dresses from at $59 and $79.  One problem is the sizing (size 4 or 6). There were several racks of Tory Burch odds and ends, including dresses ($50), tops ($25) and bottoms ($35).  None of the Tory Burch caught my eye.

There was also plenty of sweaters (if you can even think of wool and cashmere in this heat) by Design History at affordable prices – samples from $25 to $50.  Several styles of Kooba handbags were available going for $225 and $275.  Boy Meets Girl tanks & tops are $30, hats $20 and bags $35.

One of the guys who runs the place, Michael, was in rare form today.  Seriously.  I don’t know where he comes up with his announcements.  As he was trying to scoot the customers out of the space at closing, he said “Ladies, the sales floor is now closed.  While I really want to stay here, I have a life.  I have to get home so I can feed my fish!!!”

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Tipster Review: Kooba Handbag Sample Sale

Kooba Jacinda Shoulder Satchel

News from the Kooba handbag sample sale from a Sample Sally reader.  The tipster who stopped in at lunchtime today emailed me her review:

I took a quick trip there and beat the lunch and the crazy crowd that attacked the Cynthia Steffe sample sale.  Overall the sale is pretty organized, the bags are all in boxes with price and picture of the bag taped on the box.  A large room is filled with odds and ends which are marked by ribbons, purple for $60, pink for $120, and red for $160.  The sale is not cheap, the cheapest clutch I saw was still $40, but if you are a fan of their Facebook or Twitter accounts, you get an additional $20 off your purchase.

Our tipster picked up the Samantha in blue for $275 (was $595).  She did ask about discounts on the last day or if they would be restocking. They told her “maybe.”

Where/When: 141 W. 36th St., nr. Seventh Ave., tenth fl. (212-230-1800); April 20 to 23 T–F (10–8), closed 2–3.

Kooba Handbag Sale


The Kooba sale is worth it if you’re a fan of the handbags.  The place was crowded when I stopped in after work with evidence of a buying frenzy.   Women were digging into boxes – some of them clutching at least five bags.   A long line had formed at the cash register.  Most items were marked under $200; large handbags between $150-$225 and small ones priced at $75.  The handbags were going fast.  I heard a sales person say they planned to restock in the morning.  In another room, I found boxes with samples at reduced prices ($50-$100) but many of them were damaged.

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