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Fabulous Phillip Lim Sample Sale for Japan Disaster Relief

Amazing sale! I waited an hour Thursday morning but the 3.1 Phillip Lim sample sale was well worth it. Plus, the proceeds go to help the victims of the Japanese disaster.  As for deals, there were plenty on offer but the merchandise was going fast.  When I first walked in, I checked out the footwear first. It wasn’t even Noon yet and already the selection was slim – mostly larger sizes (39s & 40s) and a few size 36s.  Handbags were pretty much picked over, except for some hobo, small clutches and a suede magazine tote which I picked up.  As for clothing, there was a wide selection (mostly samples and some production) for women, men and a limited selection for kids.  There were so many racks of clothes and tables with sweaters that you I had to spent time looking through everything.  But there were plenty of gems. Great dresses (ranged in price from $150 to $300), leather jackets ($450), tops ($100-$150), sweaters (cashmere $200, all other sweaters $150), accessories (belts & gloves $50 and shoes $100) and more.

The designer himself was walking around talking to customers (we snagged the photo of him above).  Despite it being crowded in the showroom, the atmosphere was fun and casual.  Sample Sale Diva who picked up a few things stopped by today too (I missed her).  She took some photos which I mixed in with mine.

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