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J Mendel – Leather Dresses at $300

For just one-day, J. Mendel is hosting a sample sale that’s open to the public. It kicks off at 9am today (Thursday). We stopped in during Wednesday’s preview. Those on a budget will not be able to afford much of the deals at this sale. That said, there were a few bargains worth mentioning such as the deep red leather tank dress (plenty available in a range of si[...]

J. Mendel Sample Sale: Fur Sure

The J. Mendel sample sale is where the one-percent find bargains on exquisite furs. Even marked down, sale prices will be pricey for most shoppers.  If you do plan on attending the public sale tomorrow, be prepared to shell out some serious cash. The highlights of this sale are the furs… sables, minks and chinchillas. From full-length mink coats at around $7,000 [...]

NYC Sample Sales:  J. Mendel, DKNY, ODIN & More

This week’s sample sales are a mixed bag… The DKNY sample sale is going through this Saturday.  At the preview, we found plenty of merchandise (mostly for women) at $50 and under – including tops, pants, shirts, knits and shoes.  Click HERE to see our review.  Where/When:  260 Fifth Avenue (b/w 28th & 29th Streets), NY, NY; Mar 4-9; Mon-Tues (9am-8pm), Wed (10am[...]