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What’s Left at the Diptyque Sample Sale?

We thought we’d do a final update on the Diptyque sample sale at Century 21 in downtown Manhattan. As many of you already know, by now, the sale is thoroughly picked over. On Thursday evening, most of the shelves were empty. What we found were lots of holiday candles which the sales associates were continuing to restock. A limited selection of fragrances were still[...]

What’s Left at the Diptyque Sample Sale?

What's Left at the Diptyque Sample Sale?

On Thursday evening, the selection had seriously dwindled at the Diptyque sample sale. I made a quick stop into the space on Fifth Avenue hoping to find a bottle of L’Ombre dans L’Eau for a friend. The place was pretty much cleaned out of merchandise except for fragrances and holiday candles.  There were no more standard candles, room sprays, lotions, oils or can[...]

Inside the Diptyque Sample Sale

Inside the Diptyque Sample Sale

The Diptyque sale will not disappoint those looking to snap up the label’s signature luxury scented candles.  At Tuesday evening’s preview, there were plenty of lovely scents to be had. I found lots of candles from the fruity, floral, herbal, spicy and woody collections.  To name a few, I spotted the popular Tubereuse, Baies (berries), Figuier (fig tree), Feu de [...]

Another Chance at the Sweet Smell of Diptyque...

Hardcore fans who were shut out yesterday are trying their luck this morning at getting their hands on some sweet smelling scents from Diptyque... This is the line around 9:30am today. I didn't bother to stand in it but if any of you get in today, let us know what's left. Where/When: 225 Fifth Avenue (near 26th Street). Friday March 2nd ONLY (9-5p).

Details on the Diptyque Sample Sale...

Now to the details on what's to be had inside the Diptyque sample sale in the Flatiron...  It's a fairly small room but the merchandise is well organized on tables.  They told us this morning that everything is out and there will be no restocking during the sale. As you walk through the glass doors, you'll find the standard scented candles for $30 ($14 for mini c[...]

The Selection is Going Fast at the Start of the Diptyque Sale...

Fans of Diptyque turned out in force this morning... Many of them had the same idea - get there before the doors opened at 9am. Take a look at the line outside before the start of the sale. Just when we thought we were there... we were met with another line in the hallway which was excruciating because sale organizers were only letting in 5 people at a time into [...]