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Mostly Asics at the Label's Sample Sale

The ASICS sample sale kicked off today at 260 Fifth Avenue. The offerings are primarily the Asics brand's athleisure wear and sneakers. You won't find other brands here like past sales. We did a quick run-through after work today to check out the selection. On one side are the sneakers for men (all at $39.99) as well as the athletic wear (at $29.99 and under). T[...]


Second round of markdowns have arrived at the Asics athletic wear warehouse sale. Mushkie tells us the sale was busy when she went earlier today. "Lots of tourist excited about the deals. Men's merchandise is to the left of the venue. Sneakers are in the back, buckets of accessories are near the register, and women's wear takes up the rest of the floor. Accessor[...]

Sneakers Picked Over at ASICS Sample Sale

The Asics sample sale goes through this Saturday (Nov 12), offering sneakers and athletic wear for both men and women. The sale started earlier this week and already the selection for sneakers is limited. The discount is 50%-80% off retail. For women, the shelves for small sizes are fairly empty, already picked over. But there were still some running shoes availabl[...]


The Asics sample sale opens to the public on Tuesday at 260 Fifth Avenue. We attended yesterday's preview. Mushkie has our report: "The Asics sale venue was very quiet on opening night. Setup and pricing is the same as their last sale in March. Half the merchandise available is sneakers! Abundant of choices for men ($40), women ($40) and children ($20) in every [...]

Further Reductions at Asics Sample Sale

The Asics sample sale goes through this Sunday. On Thursday, sale organizers began slashing prices. We checked out the offerings and Mushkie has our report: "The sneakers seem to be the big draw here. I would say two-thirds of the venue space is dedicated to them! Men's line the left wall. Women's is all the way in the back and children's are near the women's. Most[...]

Limited Selection at the Asics Sample Sale

The Asics Sample Sale which goes through this Saturday, Nov 7th is now offering further reductions. A fellow shopper (Thanks T!) stopped in earlier this week and tells us what she found: "The New York City Marathon may be over but that didn’t stop some diehard runners and others from standing in line for the Asics sample sale. I got there around 1pm on the first da[...]

Deals on Sneakers and Athletic Wear at Asics Sample Sale 

This is more of an overstock sale than an actual sample sale, as one Asics staffer told us. And if you’re looking for gym wear, there are plenty of options here. Rows of racks in the middle of the sales floor are filled with all sorts of athletic wear (in bright and basic colors) for both men and women. Pricing is pretty reasonable. For $16.99, you can get short sl[...]