The sustainable fashion label EDUN is hosting a sample sale this week at its showroom on Grand Street in Soho. Today is the first day of the sale and a line had formed outside the sale room this morning just as they were opening. It was short compared to other sample sales. But the problem was they got a late start and were only letting in a couple of shoppers at a time. They told us they wanted to keep the room manageable and that’s why they were limiting the number of shoppers.

Once inside, you’ll find plenty of merchandise (actual samples and stock). Here you’ll find past season and current season items.

Pricing is really good! Most everything is under $100. That includes dresses at $60, jackets/blazers are $50, tops/skirts/knits/pants are just $40.

There are also shoes ($70) and handbags (from $30-$100).

There is no dressing room just a couple of mirrors where shoppers were trying things on.

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