The SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker sample sale is taking place at the Warwick Hotel just today. Doors close at 6pm. We have a review from Sabrina who checked it out this morning:

“This sale has a pretty big assortment, but hurry to get there. The shoes are getting snatched up quick since the sale is only one day.

The sale is located at The Warwick hotel on the 2nd floor (enter the building on 54th and go up the first flight of steps on the right hand side). When you arrive, you will receive a general admission chit; there’s no wait, but I guess the chit is used to track the number of visitors.

The shoes are in plastic bags, laid out on tables that are organized by size. The smaller and larger sizes appeared to have much more variety than the more common sizes. I wear a 8.5 and there weren’t nearly as many options as what i saw on the size 9 table. Most of the shoes were pumps (I saw the Fawn, Buckingham, and Naomi styles the most frequently), mainly in leather and metallic. There were also some flat sandals, boots/booties and wedges, as well as handbags.” Sabrina of Theresa On The Town