The 20th Annual Shoe-Inn Warehouse Sale kicked off this week at its standby location at Gotham Hall in Midtown. This is just in time for those shoppers still looking for deals on footwear. The sale tends to offer mid-range and lower-range brands. One of our contributors, Discount Di, stopped in yesterday and gives us her impressions.

“Lots of good quality items to pick up. If you’re already thinking of next year’s New Year’s Eve party, even Mariah Carey would’ve liked the sparkly red Kate Spade spiked-heels going for $80.

There were also lots of strappy heels. One silver pair of Priori’s were going for $60.

I saw lots of block heels.  There were a few nice looking Stuart Weitzman on the table in tan for $100.  Joan &David had a cute lizard shoe in tan and black for $80.

The outer rim tables reserved for boots had some treasures, mostly booties. A pair by Lamica went for $190; a Fabio Rusconi for $60, and a great quilted pair for $150.  One shopper was crazy about them but the zipper didn’t go past her calf.

There wasn’t a lot of all-weather or walking boots this year.  I found one lonely pair of red Hunters for $60 and Cole Haan had a few in basic black for $90.

A couple of tables were devoted to purses, scarves and socks.  There were nice big leather totes in a variety of colors for $75, and cross-body purses for $60. There wasn’t much in the winter hats and scarves box but I did pick up a couple of sweet silk neckerchiefs – 2 for $15. And then it was back out to the rain. Happy Shopping? ” – Discount Di

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