The Paul Smith sample sale opens to the public today (Tuesday). Monday night’s preview was busy. This is one sale that normally draws a lot of male shoppers. That was the case this time around, especially at the preview.

This morning, a long line had formed outside the sale venue at 151 Wooster Street in Soho. Expect the waits to be long on this first day of the sale.

While the past few sales didn’t offer much for women, we spotted more at the preview. There were a number of racks of apparel and quite a few styles of footwear as well as handbags.

I was there to look for something for the Mister. Instead, I found a handbag – the PS Concertina bag in black for $200 (orig. $1,350) and something for him. There’s a story on how I ended up purchasing this bag that highlights the competition at these sample sales.

Initially, I had picked up a black women’s bowling bag (on sale for $200, retails $1,100) which I thought I’d walk out with. The minute I laid my hands on it, a shopper (male #1) asked if I really wanted the bag. I said “yes’ so he gave up. As I walked around the sale, I was approached by three other men all hounding me for the bag.

Then, I picked up the Concertina bag. But I wasn’t convinced I wanted that one. A staffer who worked for Paul Smith tried to convince me into taking that bag and give him the other. While I tried to decide, two women shoppers came up to me separately asking about the Concertina. One said “I can’t believe you’re evening having second thoughts on that!” The pressure was on but I tried to remain calm and not too annoyed.

In the end, I ended up walking out with the Concertina. I gave the bowling bag to the PS employee who planned to give it to his mother.

An annoying thing about this sale is the accessories (hats, belts, socks and bags) are placed in bins on a table in the middle of the room. It’s often a mess and you can’t find anything without having to dig in. It’s just luck whether you’ll find a gem.

As for other offeirngs… There’s plenty for men as usual. Apparel (suits and separates) hang on racks organized by style. Accessories are upstairs as well as home. Footwear is downstairs.

Pricing is pretty much the same as past sale where most items are under $100, except for dresses ($160), outerwear ($265), jackets ($220), leather ($400), suits ($450). Shoes are $70-$125. Handbags range in price from $80-$300 and wallets are all $60.

There’s no dressing room, just mirrors situated throughout the space. Sale ends this Sunday, May 20th.

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