Passes Only:  A Line at the Last Day of Ralph Lauren Sale

Even before the doors opened, a Sally source reported a line of at least 50 people outside the Ralph Lauren sale in Midtown.  Check out the photo below taken at 8:30am this morning.  This sale is for "friends & family" so you have to have a pass to get in.  How did all these people get passes?  Ralph must have a lot of friends... Where/When:  Soiffer Haskin,[...]

First Day of Lauren Moffat Sale in Chelsea:  Fantastic Finds... thru June 4

I stopped by after work today to check out the Lauren Moffatt sample sale to find a pleasant atmosphere - no crowds here and the employees were very helpful.  On offer were racks of spring/summer 2009 fun and feminine dresses ($110-$160), tops are $80 and skirts $60.  A preview sale took place yesterday but there's still lots of merchandise left in pastel colors and[...]

DVF Sample Sale:  A Sea of Shoppers Looking for Deals

It appears that the Diane von Furstenberg preview sale on Monday just wasn't enough for NYC women. Even before the doors opened today (the official start of the sale), there was a line around the block.  Luckily, it moved quickly once they let people inside.  But what a nightmare inside.  The racks were so close together and there were so many women crammed between[...]

Group Handbag Sale:  L.A.M.B., Jill Stuart, Harajuku Lovers and Kidrobot

I found a steady stream of shoppers at this group handbag sale in Chelsea Tuesday night.  Most of them were grabbing for the L.A.M.B handbags.  The $25 wallets appeared to be the popular item.  Clutches ($100) were also being picked up. There were also lots of small ($100), medium ($150) and large handbags ($175).  I'm not a fan of this label so I left empty hande[...]

DVF Preview Sale is a Mob Scene...

Despite Monday being the preview of the Diane von Furstenberg sale for VIP and "Friends & Family," it was still a madhouse at the venue 260 Fifth Avenue as reported by sale blog Women were reportedly grabbing at clothing.  Every DVF sale is the same and this appears to be no different. As Racked reports:  Prices are the same as in previous sales: $1[...]

NYPD Called in to Restore Order at Crazy Tory Burch Sale...

I expected a mob scene since this was the first day of the sale but I had no idea.  Shoppers stood in line at least 2 hours just to get into the sale - some reportedly waited for 4 hours.  Inside, there was a wait to try on shoes.  Apparently, shoppers had to take a number in order to be served.  And then, another wait to pay for your merchandise. At one point,[...]

Chic Ready-to-Wear at the Vera Wang Sale

Elegant and artsy is what came to mind when I entered the Vera Wang showroom in Midtown to survey the garments hanging from racks in the spacious loft.  Wang - known for her popular bridal collection - held a sample sale of her spring ready-to-wear line. Wang is a high-end designer and the clothing reflects that.  There were some amazing dresses at this sale -- i[...]