Scoring at Shelly Steffee…

Scoring at Shelly Steffee...

This was one of the best sample sales I've been to this year.  Not crowded. Lots of merchandise and deals. After a number of disappointing sales, I had no expectations on what I would find tonight. When I popped into the boutique, I found a few women browsing through the merchandise.  The shop did get busy for a short while but never insane.  The dressing room was [...]

Shopping Report:  inside the Matt Bernson sale

Apparently, on Friday there were reports of a buying frenzy at the Matt Bernson sale in Tribeca.  Check out the post by reporting the sale being picked clean on the first day. Through Sunday May 3rd:  Matt Bernson sample sale, sandals, flats, wedges, and boots start at $40. Where/When:450 Greenwich St., nr. Vestry St. (212-941-7634); daily (Noon-7p)). [...]

Up to 80% off at the Proenza Schouler sale...

When I stopped by Proenza Schouler's Soho showroom on the last day of the sale at 9am, I realized that I missed out.  No surprise. The sale started two days ago and there wasn't much left - nothing in small sizes.  I asked one of the employees how much merchandise they had to start with.  Apparently, there was twice as much.  Prices ranged from $50 to $500 (original[...]

Not a Whole lot of Choos to Choose From...

The early girl gets her shoes.  That was certainly the case at today's Jimmy Choo sale at Chelsea's Metropolitan Pavilion. I stopped by after work to check out the madness and left empty handed. A well-dressed fellow shopper told me she was hoping to come across some Choos for work. But it was too late to find anything worth buying tonight. The only shoes up for gra[...]

Max Mara Sale

Max Mara Sale

There weren't many takers tonight at the Max Mara sale.  That's probably because there wasn't anything fabulous to buy - despite the racks upon racks of merchandise.  What was on sale appeared to be leftovers from past seasons.  Quite a selection of sample tops and blouses - size 6 or 8 - priced between $100-$200.  The handbags and shoes were uninspiring. The same f[...]

Mayle Farewell Sale

Mayle Farewell Sale

I stopped by designer Jane Mayle's boutique on Elizabeth Street in Nolita to check out her closeout sale.  I arrived there about half-an-hour before the end of the sale to find a long line (the Mayle-philes certainly turned out tonight).  Needless to say, I was concerned that I wouldn't get in.  But to my surprise, the sales girls came out to assure everyone in line[...]