Cashmere Sweaters for $60 at Calypso St Barth Sample Sale

The Calypso St. Barth Sample Sale is taking place through this Sunday. There's plenty of merchandise there, including apparel, jewelry, accessories and home. One of our readers (thanks D!) who stopped in yesterday shares with us her findings and photos (including the price list). Sale items start at $10 for basic T-shirts and tanks. But our tipster quickly focused [...]

Final Sale for Brooklyn's Bird is Now Online

Over the weekend, Brooklyn's Bird Boutiques consolidated its summer collection for its final sale at its Williamsburg outpost. This week, they put what was leftover online. If you missed the sale, here's your chance to snag a deal or two. As expected, there's not a whole lot of merchandise left and sizing is limited. But we took a look anyway... There are a few sty[...]

Highlights of Billy Reid Upcoming Sample Sale

There's growing interest in the Billy Reid sample sale starting this Wednesday at Chelsea Market. A few of our readers reached out asking for more details of what will be on offer from the Southern-bred luxury line. We're told shoppers will find up to 70% off retail prices on previous season menswear and limited selection of womenswear as well as accessories. High[...]

End-of-Season Outlet Sales

End-of-Season Outlet Sales

As many retailers continue end-of-season sales, this could be a good time to find great deals. In the suburbs (New Jersey to be exact), outlet high-end stores are offering additional discounts. Larry Label Whore checked out the shops at the Mills at Jersey Gardens. Here's what he found: "I haven't been to the outlets in a while because I've gotten much better deals[...]

Dresses for $50 and Under at No 6 Store Archival Sale

The No. 6 Store archival sale is for vintage clothing aficionados. Apparently, the first day attracted many fans. When we got there in the evening, there was still a lot of merchandise - mostly dresses by little-known or forgotten brands of decades past. In an attempt to cool off the steamy space, they opened the front door. As with some alleyways in New York City,[...]