The Montblanc friends and family sale ends today at 5pm. Our man, Larry Label Whore stopped in at lunchtime and sent us his thoughts:

If you’re looking to throw your money away then the MontBlanc sale is for you. Who really cares if there are many people without jobs living month to month; we need our $400 pens, right? right? right?

I went into the MontBlanc sale expecting overpriced items that people don’t really need, but just like to have to look like they are important. If this is what you are looking for then this is the sale for you!

Items in the sale included watches, jewelery, sunglasses, belts, notepads, clocks, briefcases, handbags, and of course pens. Most of the items were 50-60% off, except for the bags in the middle of the room that were 70-80% off. Nothing caught my eye except the ludicrous price tags.

Pens included mechanical, ballpoint, and fountain ranging from $176-$700. Notepads were $100-$200, watches were low $1000’s up to $18000, belts were $75-$509, and sunglasses were $77-$150.

This sale is a major skip not only for the bad taste in my mouth from seeing the absurdly priced items, but also for the not-so-great looking items. Like I said, if you have money to spend and don’t want to spend it on causes that actually need it then by all means this sale is for you.

-Larry Label Whore

Where/When: 260 Fifth Avenue (b/w 28th & 29th Street). Oct 22-23; Mon (9-5:30p), Tues (9-5p). Credit Cards Accepted. No CASH.