Comme des Garcons Sample Sale

Larry Label Whore spent his Friday afternoon rummaging through the much-hyped Comme des Garçons sample sale being held in an industrial raw space near the Fashion District.

“There was only one way to make me feel better after Angie’s unfortunate exit on American Idol and that was to go shopping! No better place for that than this highly-anticipated sale.  I read reports from that morning of hundreds of people lined up so I was very nervous about having to wait hours to get in. I’m still scarred from waiting 5 hours to get into the Jil Sander sale a year ago. I got to the sale at about 3:45pm and to my amazement the line wasn’t that long! The line was probably the most orderly line I had ever seen for a sale of this magnitude. Not only that, but it was very organized and moved very quickly. I would say they let in 10 people every 10 minutes. I got into the sale after a 45-minute wait.

Once I was in, I received a shopping bag and was on my way. The first thing that greets you is bins of accessories – most notably leather Made in Spain zip around wallets. Depending on the size the wallets cost $70-$90 after the 70% off discount. I then made my way to the racks of pants, shirts, sweaters, and jackets. The various brands were all mixed together. I found a lot some Comme des Garçons SHIRT brand Made in France shirts for about $70 after the discount. There were also items from the HOMME brand Made in Italy and France shirts that were about the same or a little more. The SHIRT and HOMME brands also had sweaters and jackets, but I was most interested in the Made in Japan Junya Watanabe stuff.

Comme des Garcons Sample Sale

Since it was the late afternoon I noticed that either the Junya Watanabe stuff was depleted or there wasn’t that much. I’m pretty sure it was the former because that was the most coveted brand at the sale. While it was the most coveted, it was also unfortunately the highest priced merch. After the 70% off, shirts from the brand ranged from $135-$180, pants were $90 and above, sweaters were over $200, and jackets were at least $300. Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garçons is one of my favorite brands. BUT these prices are still way too pricey for me.

Now to the steal of the sale and the century! I went over to the shoe section, which looked like a twister rolled through it. There were different kinds of men’s and women’s shoes from the various CDG brands. I wasn’t that interested in any of the shoes until I spotted some CDG SHIRT brand low-top and high-top sneakers without prices. They had both greenish pairs and black with brown spots. I took a pair over to the nice people at the register and was informed that after the 70% off each pair was $4.50!!!!!!!!!! My jaw dropped and I had to ask them a few times if that was correct. I ran back and tried get each type in my size. In the end, I got high and low-tops in the black with brown spots and one pair of regular sneakers in the military green color. For the 3 pairs, my total was $13.50!!! I don’t think you’ll ever see CDG sneakers for that low again. There were some women’s sneakers too that went down to $33 after the discount.

They will be restocking every day of the sale so the shoes may be back, but a staffer told me they hadn’t replenished the shoes in the 2 days since the sale started. If you plan on attending the sale you should know there aren’t any dressing rooms so be prepared to undress in front of lots of people. I would definitely go for the shoes and the wallets.  However, if you’re after the clothes, wait until the last days of the sale to see if they drop the prices. Happy Shopping!”

-Larry Label Whore

Where/When:  127 W. 30th St (b/w Sixth & Seventh Aves), NY, NY; May 10-13; Fri-Sat and Mon (10am – 7pm), Sun (12pm-8pm).

Comme des Garcons Sample Sale