No. 6’s is hosting a vintage sale at its store near Little Italy this weekend. Christina stopped in this afternoon when the small boutique was crowded with shoppers. For fans of their clogs, unfortunately the iconic footwear is not on offer this time. But, there was lots of vintage! Here’s Christina’s report:

“There was no line to get in, but the small space was PACKED!  The sale mainly consists of vintage pieces, with the majority ranging from $10-$50; however, there are some big designer pieces that go for over $100.  There was a beautifully made tan wool coat that everyone LOVED!  There were also some really pretty floral dresses.  However, a lot of the vintage items are stained or ripped, so look carefully.

I was more interested in the No. 6 pieces, as I love their stuff.  Sadly, there was only one rack of No. 6 clothing.  The clothing is not labeled, so I asked a saleswoman and was told they are mainly mediums because that is their sample size, but that they may vary slightly so she suggested that I try all items on.  The corduroy skirts are ADORABLE, in my opinion of course, but sadly were slightly too big on me.  I got a beautiful mosaic print pair of silk pants for $75.  Most of the No. 6 items I saw were $60-$75.  As always, the staff is happy to help.

There is no dressing room, but there are a few mirrors in the back of the store.  Definitely worth stopping by if you live or work nearby.  Because there aren’t a lot of No. 6 items, if you are specifically looking for that, I would go today!” – Christina

Where/When: No. 6 Store, 6 Centre Market Place, Oct 27-28th Daily (11am – 7pm).