The ASICS sample sale kicked off today at 260 Fifth Avenue. The offerings are primarily the Asics brand’s athleisure wear and sneakers. You won’t find other brands here like past sales.

We did a quick run-through after work today to check out the selection.

On one side are the sneakers for men (all at $39.99) as well as the athletic wear (at $29.99 and under). There were T-shirts, sweat-pants, shorts, hoodies and jackets.

Women’s merchandise took up much of the space. Offerings included tops (long-sleeved, short-sleeved, tanks), athletic bras, leggings & capris as well as socks, underwear and other miscellaneous items. The women’s sneakers are in the back of the space organized by size. Available are the Asics brand and the Onitsuka Tiger sneakers.

Also available are items for kids (limited selection of sneakers at $19.99) and bags ($9.99)

There’s no dressing room.

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