New York City based designer, Meg Cohen, is known for her colorful knits. She’s been commissioned to create cashmere scarves for British designer, Paul Smith. This week, a sample sale is taking place at her small boutique in Soho on Thompson Street.

The sale offers a variety of merchandise for shoppers, including the designer’s signature scarves, cashmere hats, dresses and tunics as well as vintage home goods which dot shelves.

There are feather-weight cashmere scarves for $150 (orig. $325). Silk and cotton scarves are just $25 (orig. $85) and among the best deals cashmere blend scarves in solid colors (ivory, black and grey) for just $35.

The dresses are overstock from fall (all dark colors) and are around $45-$55. Kutras made of the same fabric are just $25.

If you’re a writer or just like to keep an old-fashioned journal, there are great hand-marbled notebooks for $22. The antique rare cuff-links also caught our eye.

The shop is small but well organized. If you’re in the neighborhood, it’s worth checking out the varied selection.

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