New York based brand, Matta, is hosting a sample sale at a popup at 136 Bowery Street (b/w Broome and Grand). The brand designed by Italian-born, Cristina Gitti is known for its easy bohemian-style. Her pieces are colorful, made of light-weight cotton, wool and silk.

You’ll need to check in your handbag as you walk into the space. Once in, signature dupatta scarves can be found in a range if bright colors (small at $20, large $60+).

As you enter the space, other offerings can be found hanging on racks or folded on tables.

Highlights include a Matta classic, the kurta made of soft cotton voile and embellished by hand with embroidery (on sale for $35, orig. $156) as well as colorfully printed silk tops and dresses ($45 and $100).

In the back of the space are lots of other offerings including a simple Ikat cotton tunic ($60).

There were also bargain bins containing a mix of merchandise (dresses, tops and pants) for just $20.

Sandals, including the Koli flat sandal ($25, orig. $96) can be found way in the back of the space on a table but selection was dwindling yesterday evening.  Sale ends today at 6pm.