A bit off topic but worth mentioning since the sample sale season is at a slowdown… The Mister and I stumbled upon a worthwhile tour in Brooklyn over the weekend while riding our bikes.

It was a “make and mingle” tour of the sun-filled studio of leather designer Alfred Stadler in Red Hook. Alfred and his wife, Wendy, design and produce collections of handbags, accessories and home accents in their Brooklyn studio. Each piece hand-crafted.

During the tour, we spent several hours listening to Stadler describe and show his artistic process – how he makes certain leather pieces. Much of which are traditional hand-crafted techniques he learned when he apprenticed in Switzerland with a saddle maker. At the end, we made our own small leather accessory.

The mood that afternoon was jovial and fun, Alfred and the Made in Brooklyn Tours guide, Dom, were entertaining and encouraging.

Dom started the tours saying he wanted “to do something for the benefit of Brooklyn’s creatives wherever they may be on the continuum – artists to manufactures of wonderful products. This was the first time that I initiated a special event for a single crafter.”

If you’re interested in joining one of these tours, click here for details. There are a few left this summer and more to come this fall.