If you’re hoping to score a bra at the La Perla sample sale, you may not find anything in your size. That’s because of the slim pickings. Unlike past sales, this one doesn’t have a lot of bras. Small-sized bras are not available. For example, there are no A cups. In particular, size 32, 34 A and B cups can’t be found. Other sizes are also fairly limited as well as styles. That said, there are a range of undies.

Bra Sizes Include:

  • 36B, 38B,
  • 32C, 34C, 36C
  • 32D
  • 34E

They did have some ready-to-wear at what they were advertising as 80-90 % off retail. But when we compared pricing on a couple of things, that markdown was misleading. For example, a black blazer is now $423 (orig. $2,645). That’s just over 80% off retail. However, a long night gown going for $75 (orig. $214) is just 65% off the original price on the tag.

Also on offer is swimwear. We didn’t see any one-piece bathing suits, only two-pieces left at $30 a piece.

Swim sizes 4-12 (lots of swim bottoms but not a lot of tops).

In one corner of the space is a limited selection of footwear, mostly high heels. All at $100. A few socks were on display at a table near the door. For pricing, check out the gallery below.

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