The German label, Liebeskind, is moving out of its boutique in Soho. For that, they’re hosting a sale where items are up to 80% off. Fashionable Femme Jen checked out the deals. Here’s her report:

“The buttery leather bags of Liebeskind found my fancy through a per-chance introduction last year. Since then, I’ve kept a lookout for a satchel size sling or drapey duffel for upcoming travels. Hearing of the “up to 80%” sale at 276 Lafayette Street  this weekend, it seemed like a good time to shop the scene.

With 80% off the pricing on the tag, discounts were super steep– and there seems to be a decent selection. Of note, the Okinawa bag in beige is $59.60 (orig. $298), the SuzukaF7 in light pink is $43.60 (orig $218) and the Kayla XS in teal is $39.60 (orig. $198). Other styles spotted include the Malavi, Mora, NIIGATA and a couple fuzzy backpacks in light pink and bright red.

Also on offer are wallets ($15) and other small leather goods ($48 items are now $9.60), tees at $15.60 (orig $78), sueded pants at $91.60 (orig. $458) and a small selection of clothes and shoes.

In addition, you get a leather spray with your purchase.

Great deal for fans of the brand. There is heavy foot traffic, so the store closes periodically. The sale is also scheduled to end today, May 21st.” – Fashionable Femme Jen of Style Curated

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