Another French label, Zadig & Voltaire, is hosting a sample sale this week. It’s being held at its offices in TriBeca. While that doesn’t always mean good prices, in this instance, the markdowns are pretty good.

Apparently, it was busy yesterday (the first day of the sale) with long lines outside all day. We managed to pop in just before they closed the doors last night. We literally had 5 minutes to check out the merchandise so we’ll give you a quick report of what we found.

The space is small and we saw no dressing room. Just a mirror on one side of the space.

As for the actual deals, dresses and jackets are $125, merino sweaters and all scarves are $50 as well as camisoles. Pants are $60, sweat-pants $40. Tops are $75 as are shoes which can be found displayed on shelving and under the racks.

There are handbags ($100-$200) and wallets ($20).

Sale ends today at 6pm.

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