Various of racks of clothing

The GANT sample sale ends today at 5pm. No word on whether they’ll have further markdowns on this last day. Fashionable Femme Jen stopped in over the weekend to find the discount at the same as when it started.

Here is Jen’s report: “The sale space was rather devoid of shoppers and there was drastically less merchandise than the last Gant sale I attended. Everything at the sale was still 70% off the price on the tag.

I wasn’t too impressed at the selection or the pricing. Near the door, tables of accessories (belts, mittens, ties, bowties) were available. In the back area, there was a tiny women’s section with collared shirts and a couple racks of leather and navy bubble jackets.

Men ‘s items-arranged by size-included vests ($98), wool blazers (around $200), pants (around $60), collared shirts, a couple tables of wooly sweaters in solid or patterns, shoes (around $120) and short sleeve tops. I inquired about a pair of brown laced wing tipped oxford dress shoes. They had a handful of sizes left, but the price was still around the $120 mark. Other styles included a tan leather dress shoes with a buckled overflap (only two pairs in size 12 left).

I spotted a couple pairs of wooly blue pants and debated buying for my honey were around the $195 mark and would cost $58.50 after the discount. The shirt selection is pretty weak with a few undesirable plaid patterns in each size. The sale in general is pretty picked over, but you can always try your luck!” –Fashionable Femme Jen

Where/When: 260 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY 10001; Thru March 2; Sun (10am-5pm).

coats and jackets hanging on rack

Various shirts on rack