The Jason Wu sample sale opens to the public today and goes through to this Sunday, January 21.

Last night’s preview was quiet, just a few shoppers looking for deals. Mixed into the offerings were random runway pieces, including gowns. Also available were actual samples, stock and some bridal in the back as well as Jason Wu Grey and the designer’s collaboration pieces with FILA.

Check out the pricelist below. But basically RTW pieces range from $75 for shorts on the bottom end and goes up to $850 for gowns. There were plenty of samples hanging on the GREY racks ranging in price from $30 (tees) to $250 (outerwear).

The communal dressing room didn’t appear to be open during the preview. Perhaps, they’ll open it for the public.

Handbags can be found near the registers. Apparently, they’re putting out a limited selection at a time. They’ll replenish when they need to. The medium (pictured) was $300.

In a section, there are one-of-a-kind shoes (flats, sandles, heels and lots of them) for $125. Sneakers are just $50. We spotted a handful of styles of Manolo Blahniks for $125.

Eyeglass frames are also near the registers and are just $25. Sale ends this Saturday. For location and date details of this and other sales in New York City, click here.