Holiday candles on display

Was it worth paying someone to stand in line in the freezing cold to be among the first shoppers inside the Diptyque sample sale? Our tipster says yes. He paid $20 an hour. He also tells us that his first Diptyque sample sale was a great experience.

Our tipster came out of the sale with a bag full of stuff. He emailed us photos and gave us his impressions of the sale.

When he came in, he was hoping to find classic scented colored glass candles but they were all gone from last night. However, he did find Baies (berries) candle & oval sets which was good enough. So he grabbed a few. While there were still lots of boxes of Baies and Figuier, he said they were going fast this morning.

There were still plenty of holidays candles left as well as standard-sized candles but most of the popular scents were all gone.

He thought the Byredo products were amazing but most shoppers didn’t bother to look at them. Probably because they weren’t familiar with the Stockholm-based brand.

His advice: go early – even today if you can. The selection was already being picked through this morning. They might even run out of product before Friday…

Where/When: 225 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY; February 26-28; Wed (10am-6pm), Thurs (11am-8pm), Fri (9am-3pm).

 Various boxed candle sets

Shoppers looking at deals