The first ever Wolford sample sale being hosted by 260 Sample Sale is taking place through this Sunday. Mushkie checked out the deals Tuesday evening and gives us her report:

“Tights ($18/$45) are the main attraction at the first ever Wolford sample sale. Buckets are laid out on tables along the entire left wall. All sizes are available from xs-xl. There are so many styles to choose from. Colors include Java, Mocca, Bronze, Aragon, Avacado, Midnight, Navy, Dark gray, Tar, Sand, Dark orchid, Cosmetic, Honey, Clove, nearly black and more!

Staff are extremely friendly and extremely knowledgable in the products.

Accessories on offer include belts ($20/$95), scarves ($85), hats ($40), and bracelets ($40).

There are 2 racks of bodysuits ($75) other shape wear is $55/$95. Racks of RTW are in the center of the venue and is 70% off original retail value.

Buckets of bras ($55) are near the fitting room. Bra sizes available are 38c, 36c, 34c, 32c, 38b, 36b, 32b, 34b. Panties are $35.

I was told there will be restocking of the tights buckets every day. They are expecting another shipment later this week on other items but don’t know exactly what.

A friendly staff member informed me that she has worked for Wolford for 5 years and she never saw the tights selling this cheap. She also told me that this sale has never happened before and will probably not happen again! All the merchandise at this sale have been shipped from Europe. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so I suggest you take advantage and stock up!” – Mushkie of Holy in Mundane

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